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FinConecta partners with Zeus for a Global Treasury solution that allows online real time transactionality and visibility

By October 21, 2019 August 14th, 2020 No Comments

FinConecta partnered with Zeus Smart Visual Data, the leading company in monitoring and visualization of data, for a Global Treasury solution that allows online real time transactionality and visibility.

FinConecta seeks to promote an ecosystem of collaboration, integration, and interoperability that many financial institutions and FinTechs currently face when working with each other. The agreement with Zeus represents a stepping stone in this process because, through the dashboards developed by Zeus, financial institutions will be able to visualize the relevant information regarding treasury operations at a global level and in real time, which implies both for financial institutions and corporate clients the solution to a problem that has always existed in this sector, offering significant added value.
“The agreement between Zeus and FinConecta will mean global visibility and transactionality of accounts on a global level for corporate clients, thus permitting the analysis of consolidated information in real time and yet another step in the efficient and secure digitalization of the financial industry, ”explains Lázaro Royo, CRO of Zeus.

The objective is the conceptualization, development, and implementation of a project dealing with digitally correspondent ecosystem used to operate global treasury transactions of multi-country companies. A unique solution in the market that will position both companies as industry leaders in the sector boosting the management and use of global treasury, both for the financial institutions responsible for the relationship and for the multi-country company as well. Zeus will develop some dashboards based on the Smart Visual Data philosophy aimed at reducing analysis time, management optimization, and team motivation.

About FinConecta
FinConecta provides the technology infrastructure to easily connect Financial Institutions’ core banking systems with third-party FinTech providers worldwide through one single integration. Our platform, 4wrd, uses a switch engine that seamlessly accelerates open banking and innovation by facilitating the integration of multiple 3rd party solutions.

The platform is built on the foundation of the most modern and reliable technological infrastructure of APIs and ESB. It is a modular, flexible and scalable structure capable of supporting open banking models, where each component plays a specific role in the processing of digital services. The 4 components of 4wrd introduce a wide range of solutions that include an API Gateway and management tool that facilitates the integration of third party solutions, access to the only global fintech marketplace with more than 200 tech solutions, a secure Sandbox environment for validating fintech digital solutions using the financial institution’s core system’s test data, and the technological infrastructure to host all services securely in one place.

About Zeus
In a lapse of 3 years, Zeus has positioned itself as a leading company in data visualization and monitoring. The company has implemented over 80 projects based on Smart Visual Data. Panels for management, equipment, tools for workers and even large command centers of offices or common areas, depending on the needs of each company. Companies of all sectors and sizes such as the Santander Group, Porcelanosa, Repsol, Cosentino, Supermarkets DIA Prosegur, Unisa or Airbus, have already relied on this disruptive business management.