One platform

Multiple uses

Uncover the potential of 4wrd, leveraging multiple capabilities to scale up business models.

Integration of Digital Solutions

Integrate any IT stack with third party tech providers worldwide, through one single connection.

Open Banking LAB

Test new solutions, run POCs, manage a portfolio of digital solutions; and more!

Open Banking Live & Pro

Tap into new business models, monetize APIs, and meet Open Banking technology requirements, with two options.

Banking as a Service

Create new business models through monetization of infrastructure/ services/ banking license.

Wallet as a Service

White label an e-wallet, and integrate curated and vetted financial technology solutions.

Digital SME

Convert traditional SMEs into a full e-commerce model.

Digital Bank

Expand traditional product and service offerings by creating a Digital Banking model.

Open Innovation

Expand the framework, functionality, and benefits of Open Banking to non-financial institutions.

Marketplace as a Service

Join an exponential world of opportunities by becoming Operating Partner of a Marketplace.

Ecosystem as a Service

Leverage flexible connectivity capabilities to accelerate integration among players.

Awareness Tools

Accelerate the required mindset shift for a successful digital transformation, adding learning and assessment tools.

White label

Adopt, brand, and customize any and all of FinConecta’s services as White Label.