The Technology

behind the Platform

Our middleware 4wrd (forward) seamlessly integrates with any IT stack from financial and non-financial institutions, enabling access to third party solutions’ providers around the world.

4wrd delivers simple, fast, and efficient integration capabilities, to expand business models and create new revenue streams, at a fraction of the time and the cost.

5 Module API-based Platform

4wrd is an agnostic, modular, and flexible middleware that is comprised of 5 modules, which support the creation of new business models, data aggregation, and the expansion of target markets.

Digital Solutions Store features an online catalog of a premium array of solutions.

API Gateway manages APIs from a comprehensive catalog, facilitating the integration of third-party solutions.                  Learn more

Open Banking enables Financial Institutions to implement their own branded developer portal, invite, administer and track TPPs using our API catalog. Learn more

Sandbox provides a secure environment for testing before going into production.        Learn more

Consent Module universal digital security module that governs the access to sensitive business and client digital assets.    Learn more

Key Benefits

4wrd is a modular, scalable, and cost efficient middleware where a single connection integrates multiple third party technology solutions, accelerating companies’ digital transformation journey.

Simplified Integration

Fast and efficient, end-to-end, compliant and secure.


A click away to a pre-vetted Digital Solutions Store.

Time to market

Accelerates the digitization process and time to market of new solutions 10x faster.

Additional Revenue

Enables new business model opportunities, gaining access to more clients and services.

Decreased Investment

Shifts technology investments to a Software-as-a-Service model.

Aggregated Data

Provides insightful analytics and prediction models, to further develop new services.


FinConecta’s unique integration process can be completed in 2-8 weeks!*



Technological roadmap, aligning architecture and structure with the Institution, mapping of required APIs

Tech Implementation

Setup and activation of APIs, branding of Portal


Connection of 4wrd with the core banking system

Testing, Security Verification

Validation in our sandbox to ensure accurate functionality before going into production


1. Integrated APIs to the FI’s core system
2. Digital Solutions to clients

* Estimated based on timely delivery and approval of documents by the Institution.

How we integrate?

FinConecta’s middleware supports the following integration technologies. Additional technologies may also be supported in the future.

Core Agnostic – not coupled with any infrastructure.

FinConecta’s API Catalog is organized by-products, resources, and categories that support different use cases.

The sources are organized in the following categories:

  • Access Security – meant to support compliance with an institution, regulators, and cross-industry best security practices.
  • Relationship Management – meant to manage client relationships with member entities.
  • General Services – operational services associate with activities, location, products, and other supporting features of each member institution.
  • Financial Transactions – resources made available by financial institutions.