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FinConecta and Glints by Prosa launch FintSpace

By November 27, 2019 April 2nd, 2024 No Comments

On November 20th, FinConecta and Glints by Prosa launched FintSpace, the first Digital Solutions marketplace for Mexico, a real game-changer for the industry and the country.
Through FintSpace, Glints (Prosa’s branch dedicated to innovation) strengthens the Mexican financial market by creating the only country interconnected financial marketplace in the world. This revolutionary open banking solution is available for 160+ financial institutions and merchants, and is powered by FinConecta’s proprietary ESB 4wrd platform. Designed, developed, and operated by FinConecta, 4wrd allows any financial and non-financial entity to select and integrate new technological financial services from a digital store. With this white label solution – a real game-changer for the industry -, financial institutions are able to access a marketplace of state-of-the-art digital solutions, integrate 10X faster for a fraction of the cost than on their own, and test solutions in a secure environment.

The launch took place at RockingTech, an event that brought together top executives, tech leaders, and financial innovation specialists in Mexico City. RockingTech combined multiple sectors of the industry that serve the main economic and service needs of Mexican citizens and LATAM. The event was a success, and attendees were able to experience the potential of the white label powerhouse by getting to know some of the solutions already integrated in the marketplace – including Cognoris, FinFlash, Infobip, and DataSmart. Glints, Prosa, and FinConecta worked together to present a demo to validate the benefits offered by the platform. The live-mounted experience allowed participants to interact through their cell phones fluently and without friction, with more than 6 integrated solutions in just 4 months. The event proved to be a success for all involved and provided an excellent opportunity to evidence the potential for innovation that the product offers in a secure and collaborative ambiance.

“The platform makes it easier for our clients to connect their services in a frictionless, standardized, and sustainable fashion with the FinTech ecosystem. Leveraging this platform, financial and non-financial institutions, as well as FinTech companies, participate in a robust interconnected ecosystem that facilitates collaborative work and the adoption of new technologies” said Walid Hakiri, Director – Glints by PROSA.