Business Innovation Summit in Lima, Peru

By November 27, 2019 August 14th, 2020 No Comments

Peru’s financial market is undergoing a transformation, led by the pressure to reduce costs and improve speed, the emergence of new technologies, and changing regulatory requirements. It is vitally important for IT and data professionals to keep track of the latest tools and technological innovations in order to optimize their business operations, while maintaining compliance with global and local regulatory environments which are in constant evolution.

The third edition of the Business Innovation Summit 2019 (BIS 2019) organized by ASBANC – Association of Banks of Peru, took place at Lima’s Chamber of Commerce in Lima, Peru on November 6th-7th. BIS 2019 was the scene where opinion leaders in innovation (in both tech and finance) discussed current strategies and expressed perspectives, gained new knowledge, and explored case studies conducted by experts. Our COO, Martijn Van Rooji was invited to deliver a presentation about the future of finance, new technology tendencies, and the importance of staying relevant in an evolving financial landscape. He also pointed out that collaboration with FinTechs B2B is essential for banks to maintain innovation capacity in order to compete with FinTechs B2C, Digital Banks, Super Platforms and DeFi.