FinConecta and Sustainable Development Goals 2030

The Cause
The Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) are an ambitious, yet achievable group of objectives that, when attained by the year 2030, will certainly make the world a much better place for all. The 17 SDG can be grouped into six “essential elements”: dignity, people, planet, prosperity, justice, and partnership.

FinConecta and #SDG2030
FinConecta pledges to be a “Protector of Progress” joining thousands of companies of different sizes to achieve this global endeavor. Specifically, FinConecta’s impact towards #SDG2030 will focus mostly on goals related to dignity and prosperity, by progressing on its commitment to #financial inclusion and #access for all.

Our vision of creating an interconnected global financial ecosystem is aimed, among other objectives, to grant access to credit and payments to millions of humans living in remote areas, in a fast, reliable and friction-less fashion. We are accomplishing this by engaging multiple players in a collaborative effort to provide the best, most convenient and affordable financial solutions.

The key enabler is Open Banking, which is the practice of sharing financial information electronically, securely, and only under conditions that customers approve of. Connectivity changes everything, it accelerates financial inclusion, raising prosperity for people, communities and markets- all of these are goals that we at FinConecta aim to achieve.

We impact the world positively and make it a better place to live by connecting and integrating all players in ecosystems through our platform, 4wrd. Our proprietary technology accelerates Open Banking, innovation and financial inclusion, by facilitating the integration of multiple 3rd party solutions, enabling the creation of new marketplaces.

Interconnected and integrated ecosystems become a circle of virtuous prosperity for all players involved. For banks, this translates into the opportunity to shape innovative offerings and drive change. For the general population, this means a chance to live in dignity and equality, provide for their families, and leading a life worth living.

What FinConecta has in store to support Financial Inclusion

We curate and vet solutions related to three categories that support and foment financial inclusion: agency banking which helps provide access to financial services for rural populations, solutions relevant to alternative credit scoring which allows populations that traditional institutions would not cater to, to be able to benefit from all the financial sector has to offer and solutions akin to financial education which help increase awareness in regards to spending, saving and protecting financial assets. The solutions in our FinTech Store come from different parts of the world, enhancing our commitment to a global interconnected financial ecosystem.

Our Purpose
At FinConecta, we are connectors.
We believe that an interconnected world is a better world, where everyone has equitable access to financial services, support, dignity, progress, and prosperity.