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FinConecta lands in Canada, trough our partnership with FICANEX Technology

By July 23, 2021 December 13th, 2023 No Comments

Miami, July 2021.-

We are pleased to announce our partnership with FICANEX Technology, to deliver the first Open Banking platform in Canada!
tunl.marketplace,  will provide credit unions and banks with access to curated Fintech services that provide state-of-the-art digital services using a SaaS model, allowing simple and efficient integration to harness the proliferation of innovative digital solutions.

“The value created by the tunl.marketplace will lay the foundation for open banking through an end to end turnkey solution, that allows financial players to innovate, test, integrate and monetize new digital business opportunities. This unique platform reduces costs and improves time to market which has a positive impact on more and better financial services for Canada. We are honored to join forces with FICANEX Technology to accelerate the move towards Open Banking in Canada“, says FinConecta Founder & CEO Jorge Ruiz.

“We are excited to deliver Canada’s first Fintech integration platform and open banking marketplace taking advantage of the amazing capabilities of FinConecta, and further expand the value we provide to Canadian credit unions and banks with our enhanced tunl. platform. Our goal is to accelerate innovation in a collaborative way for financial institutions in Canada, and the next generation of our tunl. platform accomplishes just that.” said Andrew Obee, President of FICANEX Technology.


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