Open Banking

as a Service

Open Banking as a Service is a turnkey solution that allows FIs to experiment with ideas in our sandbox, build and validate solutions against our Bankbot, introducing simulated data, and expand into new revenue streams.

It’s easy: just sign up and your institution can have a branded Developer Portal live in a few weeks, pay as you go, and cancel anytime.

One Connection to Open Banking

FinConecta offers a ready to use Open Banking Platform (4wrd), that efficiently integrates into Financial Institution’s core with one single connection.

Drive Innovation through

Open Banking

A turnkey solution that enables FI to progress in their digital transformation journey, each step of the way: from experimenting and testing, to accelerating innovation, to a fully deployed marketplace of vetted solutions.

We connect what you need when you need it, ramping up FI’s functionality, customer experience, and time to market.

Why Open Banking?

Institutions now can safely innovate, monetize APIs through new business models, and comply with Open Banking regulation.

Enhance, Build, Innovate

Start from where you need, when you need it, and ramp up from there.


Expand to new business models through the monetization of APIs, data and infrastructure.

Comply with OB Regulation

Be the first, and ripe the benefits.

Open Banking as a Service

Open Banking as a Service offers two versions: Open Banking LAB and Open Banking LIVE.

Open Banking LAB: Innovate & Test

Validate Functionality

  • Non integrated branded Developer Portal
  • Test new solutions
  • Run proof of concepts
  • Validate third party capabilities
  • Run hackathons
  • Execute innovation programs

Open Banking LIVE: Go to Market

Validate Compatibility

  • Fully integrated developer portal to the FIs core system 
  • Implementation of new services
  • Integration of multiple external 3rd parties
  • Monetization capabilities
  • Sandbox environment in UAT for testing


Let’s take a look at the features of Open Banking as a Service:

API Catalog: All of our APIs are exposed in our Developer Portal, ready to consume, and easily managed.

BankBot: (Simulated Data) facilitates testing by using simulated, yet realistic data, without exposing sensitive information.

Digital Solutions Portfolio Management: Enhanced security and control framework with access, monitoring, and authentication capabilities.

Analytics: Ample menu of KPIs to evaluate progress, measure product success, improve APIs, and unlock the value of the API economy.

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Developer Portal: An enabler for Innovation

The Developer Portal enables companies to provide everything that internal and third-party developers need to build solutions effectively and efficiently, accelerating API adoption, and creating business value.

The Developer Portal provides:

  • Complete, self-service developer experience
  • An intuitive user interface and highly customizable look and feel
  • Clear and easy to grasp API documentation
  • Comprehensive API catalog available for immediate use
  • Illustrative use cases
  • Strong API security through the use of API keys and OAuth2 credentials support
  • Reference guides & support in all stages of the process
  • Analytics to evaluate usage

Key Benefits

Constant Innovation

New revenue streams; Monetize products

Decreased Investment

Accelerate integration to any legacy core

Time to Market

Open Banking Ready


FinConecta’s unique integration process can be completed in 2-8 weeks!



Technological roadmap, aligning architecture and structure with the Institution, mapping of required APIs

Tech Implementation

Setup and activation of APIs, branding of Portal


Connection of 4wrd with the core banking system

Testing, Security Verification

Validation in our Sandbox to ensure accurate functionality before going into production


1. Integrated APIs to the FI’s core system
2. Digital Solutions to clients

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