Digital Strategy

Digital transformation is not exclusively a technology process, but a comprehensive and profound organizational change that comprises 5 fundamental pillars.

5 Domains of Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation Process

Even though each domain is presented separately, they are all intertwined in such a way that a successful Digital Transformation cannot be achieved if they are not all effectively and holistically developed.

  • Assessment¬†
  • Strategy definition
  • Learning solutions


DTRA: An assessment about digital maturity

This tool is designed to assess the current readiness status of Digital Transformation. It provides a deeper understanding of current challenges and opportunities, as a first step to design a successful Digital Transformation strategy.

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Strategy definition

Defining the right path forward is key to any transformation. We work with our clients to define a roadmap.

Stage 1: Prework

  • FI completes Digital Transformation Readiness Assessment.
  • FI prepares set of relevant market and business data
    (template to be provided by FinConecta).

Stage 2: 3 Day Session

  • Today and Tomorrow: Current and prospective view on market and business.
  • The 5 domains of digital transformation: DTRA analysis of results and impact.
  • Designing the digital business for tomorrow: New solutions to old problems,
    new solutions to new problems

Proposal By Finconecta

  • 6 weeks after the 3-Day Session, FinConecta will present a strategic
    roadmap to digital transformation.

Learning Solutions

Acelera is the first Digital Transformation Simulation Game for the Financial Industry.

Join us & play!

The First Simulation Game about Digital Transformation in the Financial Industry

Simulation Game

Academy and supported by Business Skills, a global company specialized in simulation…

The Journey

A glimpse in pictures of Acelera’s participants experiencing the simulation game worldwide