Congratulations! We are matching you with a FI or other FinTech… Stay tuned!

Congratulations! We are matching you with a FI or other FinTech… Stay tuned!



Innovative financial institutions (banks, microfinance institutions, insurance companies, etc.) that are eager to prepare for the new era and are looking to leverage what FinTechs have to offer


FinTechs that want to have unparalleled access to financial institutions and the platform to integrate with many of them efficiently


The integration between FIs and FinTechs occur through 4wrd, a platform that creates an interconnected ecosystem composed by multiple entities operating in the financial landscape.  It facilitates the exposure of innovative digital solutions to FIs that need expansion of their services’ portfolio, as well as enables FinTechs to find support for the applications they created.






Open Registrations for Financial Institutions

February 27th . Registrations Open for financial institutions (banks, micro financiers and insurance companies interested in a digital transformation through their integration to Forward, can reach out sending a line to to participate in the program.

Inscripciones abiertas para las instituciones financieras.

27 de Febrero. Bancos, micro-financieras y compañías de seguros interesadas en una transformación digital a través de su integración a Forward, pueden contactarnos a para participar en el programa.

Application Period for FinTechs

May 8th – June 30th. Application Period for FinTech During this time you will only need to take a few minutes to fill-out the application. After you are done, you can go have a piña colada, that’s always good to relax.

Periodo de Inscripción para las FinTech

8 de mayo – 30 de junio. Durante este tiempo necesitarás solo unos minutos para llenar la inscripción. Luego podrás descansar, relajarte y tomar una piña colada.

Problem Statement Matching and Pair Selection between FIs and FinTechs

June 26th – July 5th. Problem Statement Matching and Pair Selection between FIs and FinTechs This is where the nerves start kicking in, because based on your application and the solutions your company provides to the FI’s list of problems we will match you two to start doing business.

Selección y emparejamiento entre IF y FinTech en base a los problemas identificados

26 de junio – 5 de julio. ¡Los nervios empiezan en esta fase! En base a tu aplicación, a las soluciones que tu FinTech da a  los problemas planteados y con la participación de las instituciones financieras, vamos a emparejarlos para que puedan empezar una relación de negocios.


July 15th -October 1st. Acceleration Be ready, because during this time we will provide you with lots of information through a series of webinars and mentorships that will propel your startup.


15 de julio – 1 de octubre. ¡Está listo! Durante este periodo recibirás mucha información a través de webinars y tutorías para impulsar tu FinTech.


August 15th – October 1st. Integration Never trust an electrician with no eyebrows, but trust that relaxation time is over. This is where your developers and ours will work together to integrate to Forward.


15 de agosto – 1 de octubre. Definitivamente el tiempo de relajación ha terminado. Tus desarrolladores trabajarán con los nuestros para la integración a Forward.

Showcase Day

October 31st – November 1st. Showcase Day. Now we celebrate!!! If you are one of the top integrations you will have the opportunity to do a demonstration of your solutions to the FOROMIC audience in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Día de Demostración

 31 de octubre – 1ro de noviembre. ¡Tiempo de celebrar! Si fuiste elegido como una de las mejores integraciones tendrás la oportunidad de hacer una demostración de tus soluciones ante de toda la audiencia de FOROMIC en Buenos Aires, Argentina.