FinTechs have to fill a form with general, technical and financial information about the company. You will be notified once you are part of the program. For more detailed information please read the Terms & Conditions.

We understand the challenges of integration. This is why FINCONECTA provides access to the tech sandbox in “4wrd”. It allows financial institutions to test and pilot selected FinTech solutions before proceeding to a full integration. That way both the FinTechs and financial institutions can determine if the integration will be successful before incurring to additional costs.

If you are a financial institution eager to prepare for the new era by leveraging what FinTechs have to offer, the program is for you. It gives you the opportunity to select the problems you want FinTechs to solve for you. As a financial institution, you will not only have access to the best FinTechs in the world, but also to the best integration tools. The program provides guidance to integrate with “4wrd” our global marketplace of FinTech solutions. Financial institutions will also be able to test FinTech solutions in “4wrd” sandbox. The ecosystem allows you to collaborate with other financial institutions that want to innovate and have a relevant presence as a banking participant.

We still encourage you to apply! Although financial institutions have to choose from the list of problem statements, they can submit other problems they want to solve and that are not included in the survey. There might be opportunity to solve or adapt your solution to other needs.

Of course! We want FinTechs from all over the world that can add value to our ecosystem.

The above & beyond team has vast experience in FinTech, having implemented multiple solutions worldwide. We have worked with thousands of FinTechs around the world and understand how financial institutions engage with FinTechs. The matching will be based on the FinTechs’ innovation, functionality, adaptability and business potential with the financial institution’s needs.

The program is run virtually to allow FinTechs from all over the world to participate! Physical space is not needed.

Absolutely! If you have a solution that solves more than one of the financial institutions’ needs, you will only need to submit one application. You may submit different application for different products>

FINCONECTA offers you unrivaled exposure to financial institutions that are looking for many types of solutions. The program’s interconnected ecosystem of not only provides you access to financial institutions to work with, but also the tools to do so. “4wrd”, a&b’s proprietary platform, allows simple and effective integration. FinTechs have the opportunity to present ideas to the right audience in the LATAM market and have exposure to potential investors. Although exposure is key, we understand the challenge of integrating with financial institutions. That is why FINCONECTA provides you access to a “sandbox” to test their solutions with financial institutions before proceed to a full integration.