We provide the technology infrastructure to quickly connect core systems to existing FinTech solutions from around the world. This technology platform is called 4wrd and it gives secure access to multiple solutions with only one connection.

The Power of 4wrd

4wrd is a global marketplace for FinTech solutions. It uses a switch engine that seamlessly connects the core banking systems of Financial Institutions with third-party FinTech providers worldwide. The solution accelerates innovation by facilitating integration processes, optimizing core banking systems and bolstering digital bank initiatives. 


“iTunes” for FinTechs. FinStore is an online catalogue that features a premium array of solutions.


FinHosting provides the technological infrastructure to host all services securely in one place.


A platform that administers APIs and facilitates the integration of third party solutions.


FinSandbox provides a secure environment for testing before going into production.

Key Benefits

4wrd is a cost efficient solution where a single connection facilitates the integration of several solutions, accelerating the transformation process.

Time to market

Accelerates the digitization process and time to market


Provides a safe environment for testing


Opens access to a marketplace of vetted FinTechs

Additional Revenue

Provides new business opportunities

Decrease costs

Deploys solutions at a fraction of the cost of traditional integration projects

Only five steps to integration



We identify needs and opportunities with our proprietary tools

Fintech Selection

We identify fintech solutions that address specific needs

API Creation and API Connection

Implementation of APIs and management tools

Sandbox Testing

Test your service before going into production

Live Services

Live activation of Fintech services